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The MARC™ Comm-Troller™ is used to convert the native communication protocol used by the PLC into another protocol. This allows the use of the PLC in an existing communications network with no communication changes. Typical applications involve using the PLC in place of a standard Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) in an existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The Comm-Troller emulates various popular SCADA and PLC protocols.

The MARC™ Comm-Master™ provides a master or sub-master function for the PLC. The Comm-Master™ communicates with other equipment such as RTUs, flow computers, scales, valves, power monitoring equipment, etc. using the standard protocol of the remote device. Data collected is transferred directly into PLC memory for use by the PLC program. The location of the data to be collected, the PLC memory location to be used for storage and the frequency of collection is completely user configurable. Data can be sent from the PLC back to the external equipment using simple message commands.

The MARC™ Multii-Port™ provides an intelligent "Port Duplicator or Multiplier" function. Use this module to convert a single Allen-Bradley DF-1 or Modbus port into 4 independent ports. The Multii-Port module is available in 3, 4 and 5 port versions. Click on the link above to get additional details.

Modems are used to provide long distance communication over telephone lines, radios or customer supplied twisted pair wiring. We supply two types of modems. One is for use on standard dial-up telephone circuits the other on leased telephone lines, twisted pair or radios. The Dial-up modems are FCC certified for direct connection to the public switched telephone network in the United States. You can use these modems for PLC programming or data collection.

The FSK modem is typically used with multi-drop leased telephone lines or radios. Using multidrop modems you can connect a master PLC to many remote PLCs for data transfer.

The MARC™Omnii-Comm™ family of products combines the functionality of the Comm-Troller (protocol converter) and Comm-Master (polling master) modules described above plus Protocol Bridging and Data Concentrator features along with optional built in leased line and dial-up modem capabilities into a single highly integrated product. The Omnii-Comm is available in many PLC form factors as well as a rack or desk top stand alone unit.

The Comm-Troller, Comm-Master and Omnii-Comm support many different communication protocols. Click here to see our current list of supported protocols. If the protocol you need is not listed here contact us at the phone or fax numbers listed at the bottom of this page or e-mail to jmiille@miille.com

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