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Many of our products have built in "debug and diagnostic" capabilities. These functions are accessed by connecting the serial port of a PC running a "terminal emulation" program to the "debug" or "configuration" port on the MARC module. One of the basic functions available on almost all of our products is a "sign on message" that is sent out when power is first applied to the unit. The sign on message logs the status of all the power up self diagnostics plus the EPROM part number and date and other system configuration information. Our technical support personnel will need this information if you need to call us for help. Additional data can be obtained by sending simple commands to the unit simply by typing on the keyboard and looking at the responses. Contact our technical support personnel for the specific commands to use for your particular application. Be sure to have the part number and date from the sign on message available before you call.
You can use Windows HYPERTERMINAL, PROCOM or other similar products for the debug connection. The OmniTalk program that is used to download Configuration Files to the Omnii-Comm can be used for this as well. We also have a great, simple to use, terminal emulation program named FT.COM that you can get from our download page. Just put a copy of it somewhere in your path and start it by typing FT . You should get a sign on message from the program that includes a simple help screen. Hitting the enter key should get a prompt response from our products. The default serial port parameters are either 9600,8,N,1 (FT default) or 1200,8,N,1 depending on the product you are connecting to. Change the serial port parameters if necessary using F7.

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